The Twitter and Facebook generation is upon us…. So many of us desire quick short details to very quickly assimilated data and information. The launch of our series of Bookeys cater for everyone that wants some explanation and insights in around 2700 words, alphabetically organised in order to understand the essence of different aspects of Emotional Intelligence, covering a wide range of subjects that are close to our hearts and hopefully yours.


So what is Emotional Intelligence and why is it important? Firstly, Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to take in experiences without over reacting to them. It’s the capacity to choose not to allow yourself to be hijacked by your feelings and emotions. It’s the capacity to sit in your discomfort and delay gratification. It’s the ability to roll with the punches and not proverbially put your foot in it. So why is it important to be EQ? Being Emotionally Intelligent helps us all to get along well, it activates empathy, compassion, humility and wisdom. Having a healthy balance between EQ and IQ means that we can flourish without being hindered by our lack of social and communication skills.


This series gives you an instant burst of insight, understanding and awareness, within an hour. And with this awareness, insight and understanding, help you to make clear, insightful decisions without having to read a whole book to get to the essence of some of the wisdom that we need to flourish within our world.